"After previous issues with other realtors in the area we had decided to sell our property ourselves. Ms. Littlefield contacted me after seeing my online ad and was able to set up a meeting with us. After talking we decided to let her try and sell for us and she did it!
I give her five stars across the board and not once did she flinch when things got shaky and always was she looking for solutions."

- Shauna C, Wheeler, OR

"Marly is an absolute delight to work with . So much so we intend to hire her for our next house sale! She got us a great new home that fits us perfect. It was a long journey but when working with Marly the whole adventure was enjoyable."

- Lisa A, Otis, OR

"Marly was a delight to work with in helping us find our dream home on the coast! She was always ready to jump on a new showing whenever I discovered a listing I wanted to see, and her enthusiasm and energy helped me keep a clear head and eventually take a calculated risk that paid off in the end. She seems to have worked well with the listing agent and was very proactive in getting my questions answered. She's also very knowledgeable about the area and involved in her local community, which was a big aid in helping us decide which area of the coast fit our own interests. Five stars for Marly!"

- Margo M, Oceanside, OR

"I very much appreciated the effort Marly made to keep me informed of all the aspects of the activity and interest in my property. I have already referred a friend to her and anticipate she will get as good a service as I received.

- Barbara T, Rockaway Beach, Oregon

"Marly is genuine and caring and worked hard for us. She has sense of humor and was honest and open about properties we looked at."

- Ross T, Tillamook, Oregon